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The day after catching someone trying to make off with their wallet, a Lubbock man had his phone stolen and had a taser pulled on him.

It began on Monday, January 10th. KAMC News reports that Lubbock Police responded to the 1900 block of 64th Street in regards to a robbery.

The victim said that the suspect, whom he didn't know, had walked near his house and asked to use the restroom. After the suspect left the restroom, they took the victim's wallet. The victim, however, chased them into the front yard and caught them.

The day after, the victim was walking in the 6300 block of Avenue T when the same suspect, joined by a new suspect, approached him, said "We got you now" and pulled out a Taser. The second suspect threatened to shoot the victim if he didn't give them everything he had.

The victim attempted to run off, but the second suspect grabbed his phone.

Later, the victim was trying to get a new phone at the Boost Mobile in the 5000 block of Avenue Q when he saw the first suspect. He confronted them about his phone, and the suspect responded by pulling out the Taser from before.

Neither of the 2 suspects have been located as of Monday, January 17th.

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