There's really not much I can say to prepare you for the insanity, the hilarity, the pure nonsense that is this video. It's a performance art piece on YouTube that starts with three topless (but wearing pasties so there's no nudity) women dancing around on forearm crutches and with canes attached to their foreheads. Yes crutches under their arms and canes stuck to their face.  That's not even the weirdest part. After they dance for a while, a guy in tighty whities glides out on a skateboard and starts thrusting his junk in the air. That's how he propels himself across the stage throughout the dance. He humps the air to, well just watch the video. It's awesome I promise. Oh and then two women walk out in harnesses attached to the ceiling and start slapping their feet on the ground while another half-naked guy runs through with ski poles. Ski poles.

I would say that the title of "I've Got The Weirdest Boner Right Now" is oddly appropriate?

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