It should always been considered suspicious when a cut rate beauty school charges a person up the yang hole to attend their classes, and then upon cashing their check, hands them a set of clippers and insists they shave the instructor’s pubes prior to expelling them for no good reason.

In what we have labeled “The Montana Muff Controversy,” 17 female students and employees have filed a federal lawsuit against Dahl’s College of Beauty in Great Falls, accusing school owners Douglas and Barbara Daughenbaugh of incompetence and failing to address sexual harassment allegations. Rumor has it that upon hearing about the accusations of incompetence, Douglas Daughenbaugh said, “I’ve never had any problems getting it up, man!”

The suit claims the couple was charging wanna-be beauticians nearly $10,000 to attend their school, then when students showed up for class, they were forced to trim and wax the instructor’s pubic hair. And, if they were among those who complained about it or participated in state labor investigations, they were expelled, forfeiting their tuition.

According to the 10-page federal complaint: “Among the offensive and unwelcome conduct included, inter alia, the instructor publicly exposing her genitals, exposing her buttocks and requesting that students examine a boil to see if it could be extracted, requiring students to wax her pubic hair, using a student’s trimmers and wax stick to trim and wax her pubic hair that were, upon information and belief, then used on customer haircuts.”

The trim shop plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages for sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, unfair trade, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and cash for a new set of clippers because now theirs kinda smell like fish.

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