Here’s a pairing we never knew about! Rita Ora apparently dated Bruno Mars a few years ago — and she only has the warmest words for him now. Cute!

Ora confessed to Germany’s Bravo magazine (quotes via Press Party) that she and Mars met back in 2009 when she was 18 and both acts were pretty unknown. “It was love at first sight, such a great experience,” Ora gushed. “We met in 2009. I was 18 and starting out at Roc Nation. Bruno was unknown back then too. He was a struggling songwriter hired to write songs for me. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s just the world’s greatest guy!’”

So what happened? Wouldn’t they make the world’s cutest (and most vocally gifted) couple ever? Well, their mutual talent was part of the problem, unfortunately.

“Our time together was wonderful. But once we got famous, work got in the way,” Ora confessed. “We ended it last year. But we remained close. And when we were together we were so happy.”

It’s an interesting side of Ora, who has previously admitted to never being in love and is still playing coy about her romance with Rob Kardashian, despite what we hope are fake matching tattoos. If it doesn’t work out with her reality star beau, maybe these two crooning cuties can give it another go — or at least record a duet!

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