Did you know that China has their own version of ‘The Voice?!’ Yea, we didn’t either. But then this gem of a video featuring hopeful contestant Zheng Hong singing Adele‘s ‘Someone Like You’ fell into our lap and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t have any subtitles so we have no idea what this young woman’s backstory is, but we do know she has the pipes to pull off an Adele song — something we tell ourselves we have when singing in the shower — and thoroughly impressed the crowd who clapped their approval a mere 10 seconds into the song.

At first glance of the 19-year-old, and you’d think with her long stringy hair and plaid shirt she’d be doing a thrilling rendition of some Nirvana song, but color us pleasantly surprised when she first opened her mouth. Some are even comparing her to Susan Boyle; you know, the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of deal.

In true reality show competition form, Hong made a judge cry with her cover of ‘Someone Like You,’ and her throaty and strong voice was good enough to make all four judge turns around. We’re curious to see just how far she makes it on the show!

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