Black Friday is finally here and Lubbock residents are starting to plan out their shopping route. The South Plains Mall is a go-to for many locals, and we can’t help but reminisce on what stores used to be there as we make our rounds this season.

Curious what stores Lubbockites miss the most, I asked around and got these stores in response:

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KB Toys was a kid’s paradise. It was a staple for many Lubbock kids, always on the list as a must-stop to see all the new toys in stock.

A store that brought the same type of wonder to older kids and adults was Natures Gifts. This was a great spot to shop for your friends and family and grab one of those shiny rocks for yourself too.

Another icon for kids and adults alike, everyone adores the Disney Store. Seeing this go was heartbreaking for many because it was the go-to place to shop for the Disney-lover in your life. You could get plushies, costumes, and other trinkets.

While we still have a Party City in town, it was convenient having one attached to the mall. Where H&M now stands, used to be a ‘shady hallway’, as one Lubbockite said, where you would access the party store.

An especially great store on Black Friday, Sears was a great shop to save some money. Many of us are missing it now that one of the biggest weeks for shopping and saving is here.

The next spots aren’t where you do your shopping, but are where you might stop for a treat.

Marble Slab was a beloved ice cream stop for those looking for a cold sweet treat, and Great American Cookies was a fan favorite up there with Mrs. Fields. They still have a location in Lubbock, but it’s no longer in the mall. If you were looking for some classic mall food, Little Tokyo was a go-to stop, unfortunately they were only open for a short while.

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