In Australia, stores have noticed that customers are trying to beat the system:  They come in . . . try on a bunch of stuff . . . don't buy any of it . . . and go home, where they presumably buy the clothes online. So some stores there have actually started charging DRESSING ROOM FEES. And that's exactly what it sounds like:  You pay a fee to try stuff on.  If you end up buying from the store, they refund your fee.  If you don't end up buying, then they keep your fee. Ski shops are leading the way.  They actually charge a $50 fee to try on ski boots.  If you buy them, they take that money off the price of the boots.  If you don't, you're out 50 bucks.

So I am just hearing about this and although it sounds kinda douche-y to do, it makes total sense. Now I understand why stores would get twisted about people coming in, fouling all their merchandise, and giving someone else the $ for the stuff. However what the stores need to realize is that if they are offering fair prices for their stuff then most people will buy that stuff from that store's website. They still get the $. And they'll get a bunch of repeat business because people now know where they can find that thing in the right size and buy more of them. I don't know too many people that only need 1 pair of jeans. I need at least 5, and when I find a style I like, I buy a few so I always have a clean set.

PLUS usually if I've taken the time to drive to the store, find a style, try it on, and I like it I'll go ahead and buy it there. Then just get more of them later online. So to the stores that are thinking of charging dressing room fees, or going to complain about this new "problem", I say look at the possible increase in business and encourage what your customers are going to do anyway. Hey, at least they're going to do it in YOUR store and not somebody else's right? Embrace the now people.


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