While things like Texas Tech University and Buddy Holly and universally known things about Lubbock, there is one thing that only Hub City natives truly come to understand.

Lubbock weather is very unpredictable.

Whether it's a blizzard in July, a 90 degree day in November, or a tornado in the dead of winter, Lubbock will always find some way to take its residents by surprise.

While all of those are quite extreme examples (only the real ones will know which one is true), the spring and fall months are always a slew of mixed weather. The especially frustrating times are when it is cold in the mornings and scorching by mid-day.

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You never know what is best to wear and there are so many questions swirling around your brain. Should I dress for the cold or for the heat? Is it going to rain? Were these shoes a bad choice for today?

If you've experienced this, I am going to do my best to help, but I make no promises that these tips are completely fool-proof.

Tip #1: Layers

The best thing to do to prepare for any weather is wear layers. Go ahead and bundle up for those cold mornings, but be prepared to take a few things off later in the day. My personal favorite is to throw a flannel or another light layer over a tank top or t-shirt. This way, I can just roll up the sleeves without completely ruining the look of the outfit I put together in the morning.

Tip #2: Waterproofing

When Lubbock's weather is acting up you always have to be prepared for rain. Whether its an all-day drizzle, a short and powerful storm, or any other combination, it's best to come prepared. This means keeping an umbrella in your car, maybe a raincoat too, and wear shoes that you are okay with getting wet.

This means no suede, sandals are probably not the best idea, and throwing on those old Keds with a hole on the bottom are going to leave you with soaked socks. So, boots, sturdy sneakers, and any other shoes that will keep your feet dry and happy are a great choice.

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