Been waiting for Undead Labs' State of Decay to hit PC? Good news, then, as the open-world zombie game has finally arrived on Steam Early Access.

Because it's only available on Early Access, this is more of a beta test version than the final release. For now, the game is available for free, but only works with an Xbox 360 controller through your PC. However, if you do happen to get the early version, Undead has a nice incentive in place.

"Those willing to throw in with us at Undead Labs and your fellow early adopters will automatically get the final version, completely free, with no need to restart, when we officially launch later this year," wrote Sanya Weathers on the company blog.

The full retail PC version of State of Decay will launch sometime later this year for $20. The developer recommends only those with aspirations of helping Undead make this port the best it can be should be considering the download. As it will largely be a test, players will encounter plenty of issues as Undead works out the kinks of the PC version, and the developer doesn't want newcomers to be dissuaded by the potential pratfalls.