Some people find the number 13 unsettling, unlucky and unpleasant. Like many superstitions, there's a multitude of origin stories as to why it's unlucky. In the West, it's commonly considered unlucky as there were 13 seats at the last supper- the 13th belonging to Judas. There's several more possible explanations listed here.

Personally, I like the number 13, mostly because I have a natural inclination towards the odd, the weird and the dark. It's also a huge part of tattoo culture. Friday the 13th is an unofficial tattoo holiday at many shops, who sometimes offer discounts on tattoos for people willing to get a 13 on Friday the 13th (I have one, it's a cupcake with 13 in the sprinkles).

Calley Jayne Garz's super cool switchblade
Calley Jayne Garza's super cool switchblade

If you're like me and you love 13 or anything traditionally seen as unlucky, you'll love Star Books & Comics Downtown 'Bad Luck' art exhibit to be held on January 13th (of course). As per their event page:

No matter what your beliefs, it has served as a source of inspiration and creativity and we will be celebrating the 13th with a very special gallery!

To celebrate this Friday the 13th, Star Books & Comics will have a showcase of 13 different artists showing pieces based on the concept of superstition, bad luck, or Friday the 13th in general. The exhibit will host a reception the day of and will run through the end of January. All pieces are available for sale so support local art and check out what’s to be an amazing gallery of talented local artists!

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