Have you been seeing text only updates that have background color? It's a new feature on Facebook that was originally rolled-out overseas. Now it's available to some Facebook users - Android users, that is. Which, I must say, is refreshing, since it's usually always iOS that gets everything first.

Just kidding, I made this in MS Paint
Just kidding, I made this in MS Paint

So why did Facebook begin releasing this feature? One theory is that it's to encourage original content from users instead of the usual meme and video sharing most people update with (which is a really plausible explanation for the big text on short text-only posts too). But will it visually junk up your feed when its available to everyone? Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought my friend had actually just re-shared someone else's meme and I ignored it.

I'm old enough to miss MySpace's golden-era, when everything you did was customizable and we all accidentally learned HTML code. But MySpace was a hot mess, which is why everyone migrated to the clean, sleek and efficient Facebook.

Time will tell if this works, gets tossed out, or if we all just burn the place down and start over on another social media site.

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