There had been rumors of an Austin Mahone and Selena Gomez hookup, which were largely unfounded and gossipy. Now that Gomez has purged her Instagram feed of celebs to follow, Mahone has directly commented on her unfollow of him. But only because he was asked and not via tweet or an Insta photo of his own.

HollywoodLife spoke to the teen singer, 18, at the Radio Disney Awards over the weekend. He joked about his feelings towards the situation.

He said, "I was sad when she wasn’t following me." He added with with a smile and a laugh, "I shed one single tear!"

So, no, Austin Mahone is not weeping or sobbing over the fact that Gomez is no longer following his antics on Instagram. And that solitary tear? Also a joke, so go ahead and chuckle.

Why would he be crying, though?

He enjoyed a movie night -- we won't go so far as to say "date" night but you can draw your own conclusion, Mahomies -- with Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony, to whom he was previously linked all the way back in October of last year.

He shared a picture of their hang sesh on Instagram today (April 28), so it's not like either of them cares who sees it.

Here's Mahone and Cabello -- Mabello? Cahone? Actually, scratch that second name -- having a good time in the theater!

Cabello also shared this goofy snap, with she and Mahone making a pig nose, and her with a box of Junior Mints, a crucial multiplex food, in her mouth! So cute. We wonder what movie they saw and if they spent any time paying attention to the film itself!

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