Austin Mahone’s new music video for ‘All I Ever Need’ is essentially a huge tribute to his adoring fans. Grab some tissues, Mahomies, because this is a pretty touching vid!

The 18-year-old singer has gathered a ton of fan footage from all over — concerts, signings, airports, meet and greets — and mixed it with shots of himself looking reflective and appreciative as he watches the footage on a projection screen.

The fan footage combined with lyrics, such as “You don’t understand how much you really mean to me / I need you in my life / You’re my necessity,” create a video that is truly an homage to Mahomies everywhere. It’s nice to see such a big star expressing his gratitude and love for his fans, whose support is a huge part of how he was able to create his upcoming debut album, ‘The Secret.’

What makes this video even more special is that Austin wrote the track himself. He shared in an exclusive interview with PopCrush, "There is one song on ['The Secret'] called ‘All I Ever Need’ that I wrote myself, so that’s pretty cool."

That's more than pretty cool!

Mahomies, did you shed a tear watching Austin’s video?

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