With the release of 'The Secret' less than a week away, Austin Mahone is busy hyping up his Mahomies every chance that he gets -- including with the release of his new song 'Next to You.'

The energetic, uptempo track, which is featured on his upcoming EP, is drastically different than the slow jam 'All I Ever Need' (which you can listen to here), but its rhythm and vibe totally fit with Mahone's previous songs like 'What About Love,' 'Banga Banga' and 'MMM Yeah' -- only kicked up a notch.

We're not only digging the heavy electronic beats in the song, but we also love Mahone's vocals on the track -- it's totally made for an R&B tune like this, which hints at the old-school feel of '90s boy band blockbusters. 'Next to You' is definitely one song we'll have on repeat this summer. Check it out below!

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