I can't believe this makeup was too much for social media. Then again, it is GROSS.

I was asked by my friends at Star Comics to be a model (man, I wish there was a better word for that) for trauma makeup. Behind the brushes and bottles was Face-off Season 1 competitor Marcel Banks, who was in town for a special Lubbock-Con 2019 event.

Banks is no slouch, having worked on Deadpool, American Horror Story and a host of other shows.

Trauma Makeup

Banks took a couple hours laying it down on my face. Now, he was stretching the time a bit so he could instruct the onlookers, give tips and more, but still, it gave him time to create on of the most realistic makeup jobs I've ever seen. This is HDTV-quality makeup. He went so far as to repaint some of my freckles back into the wounds to make it look real.

So I had the wife take a short video in addition to the pics and posted it up Friday night. Sometime between 10 p.m. that night and 4 a.m. Saturday morning, it got the hook and was pulled off Facebook.

I know there's been some pretty graphic stuff on Facebook, but this makeup was just too much. Check out the video and the pictures above. There's something about the wounds before he even put the blood in them that was disturbingly gross.

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