What can I say about the world's introduction to it's latest mass murderer? I have the same questions as you, and the same fear.

"Rodger killed six people and injured 13 before apparently shooting himself in the head on Friday. The devastated father of victim Veronika Weiss told the Daily News his daughter would likely not have scorned Rodger: 'She was the opposite of what he thought he was shooting. She was the kind who would have reached out to him.'" - Daily News

I heard one anchorman say that this kid killed before he was kissed.

"Hours after posting a terrifying YouTube warning, a murderous, misogynistic, 22-year-old virgin killed six people and wounded 13 more near a California college.
Elliot Rodger, the hate-filled son of a Hollywood director, vowed in his video to exact his bloody vengeance against the sorority women who rejected him and the men who succeeded where he so often failed.
Then he set out Friday night to make good on his evil intentions — stabbing three men to death in his apartment before arming himself to the teeth and hopping into his black BMW to steal life from three others." - Daily News

A bewildered and confused world will look upon this tragedy for a long time to come. Dr.'s of all kinds will study his 180 plus pages of "twisted soul" ad try to prevent it from happening again,  I sit here and wonder... "Can anyone stop this kind of thing from happening ever again? I am afraid not"... A prayer for all of those families in California for whom "Memorial Day" will never be the same.

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