"Ryan Matthew Dunn (born June 11, 1977 - June 20, 2011) was an American reality television personality and daredevil best known for being a member of The Jackass Crew, MTV's Viva La Bam, andHomewrecker. A member of the CKY Crew, Dunn played the main character in Bam Margera's film Haggard, which was based on a failed relationship Ryan had experienced."

It was a one car accident involving Ryan's Porsche 911. According to police reports Dunn's 2007 Porsche 911 GTS flew through 40 yards of trees before it hit one and burst into flames. Its being reported that Ryan was the driver, and by the time police arrived on the scene the car was engulfed in flames.

Here's an AP news report.

Ryan and some friends had been drinking earlier in the night. Ryan and a friend both died in the accident. The friend is listed as 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Though Hartwell was not a member of the "Jackass" crew, he is listed as a production assistant on the second "Jackass" movie and was reportedly a recently married Iraq war veteran.

The car crashed through a guardrail and into the woods, then caught fire. It was smashed into pieces and completely burned, to the point where the only way police were able to identify it was from a door that was thrown off and not incinerated. Ryan was only identified by his tattoos and his hair.

MTV has put together a tribute video of some of Ryan's best moments from Jackass.


MTV.com has more, and we will continue to update this post every hour or so as new info rolls in.

Sadly Ryan celebrated his last birthday on June 11th, barely two weeks ago.

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