Okay here is a movie all you lovers of the ridiculous and ridonkulous can get ready for.

In the world of "Jackass" we all love Johnny Knoxville's "Bad Grandpa" character.

He is always falling down, genitalia hanging out or making out with a teenager right? Well the guys decided to give you an hour and a half of nothing but "Bad Grandpa"!

That's right the new "Jackass" movie hits theaters in October and this one's a little different from the first three. "Jackass Presents:  Bad Grandpa", focuses on the haracter Irving Zisman and his grandson Billy.

This one features an actual, fictional storyline mixed with crazy stunts and pranks filmed in public, in front of people who are NOT in on the joke.  So it's sort of like "Borat". As far as the plot goes, Irvin has to bring Billy to his dad, after his mom ends up in jail.  Along the way, they even enter a child beauty pageant, in which Billy, dressed as a little girl, does a STRIPTEASE.

Check It Out:

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