Yes it's true. Due to reported copyright and control issues the video has been pulled. It seems that Rebecca's people (yes for some reason she now has people) and Ark Music are fighting for control of the song and video. Which is crappy because all that Ark Music does is take people's money and write them a crappy song which they record and make a video for.

So in other words Rebecca and her parents paid around $2,000 for "Friday." Then they should own the song and video, especially one as bad as "Friday." But when the video took off on YouTube they realized that they could make more money on it and kept it for themselves.

Well over the weekend the official "Friday" video disappeared from YouTube, then came back as a $2.99 rental and then went back to being free, but with an ad airing before it.

Ark Music Factory's YouTube account was hosting the video and before it was taken down, 167,370,534 watched that official version of it. Fun, fun, fun fun! Well we still have it here in case you wanted to watch it again, but I don't understand why you would.

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