Ark Music Factory co-founder Patrice Wilson, the middle-aged African American guy who raps from a car, about his car seats and the cars he's passing, was featured in a daily segment that "Good Morning America" ran last week called "One Week to Hit It Big". He auditioned random teenagers at a mall, and the winner would have the "opportunity" to follow Rebecca Black as his newest Internet music sensation. And it would all happen within one week.

Here's the GMA video explaining that.

Wilson selected a 14-year-old girl with the unfortunately porn star sounding name Lexi St. George. He put her through his stupid pop machine and popped her back out with a song and video that Wilson produced called "Dancing to the Rhythm".

This Wilson guy insists that "Friday" was supposed to be dumb. Yeah sure buddy, after everybody in the world named it one of the worst songs and videos ever you try to tell us you planned it that way? Whatever. He also says that "Dancing to the Rhythm" is less fun, and wants to be taken very seriously. That's how to make a great pop song, less fun and more serious? He obviously has no clue. Here's the proof.

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