I was in the middle of a meeting with the on-air staff today when I received the most horrible news a foodie could hear.

The Ranch House Restaurant, located at 1520 Buddy Holly Ave., is closed.

Over the past weekend, we were told there was a sign on the door that said the restaurant was closed temporarily for equipment malfunctions. But today (Wednesday, July 12), there were several signs on the building that say it's closed permanently.

Ranch House Restaurant in Lubbock, Texas
Justin Massoud, Townsquare Media Lubbock

I was in total shock. Even more so when I saw this picture.

This restaurant has been a long-term staple in downtown since 1972. It was good, wholesome food at a good price. For less than $7, you got meat, two veggies, salad, a roll, dessert and a drink.

It was good food for everyone from the working class to the folks at the courthouse. The Ranch House Restaurant is now nothing but a memory for me.

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