Raider Burrito is a longtime Lubbock staple located near Lubbock High School at 2102 19th Street. Now, you'll be able to get their delicious burritos in two locations.

I spotted this sign near Adventure Park on the corner of 29th Drive and Slide Road. "Raider Burrito #2 Coming Soon" is a pretty clear indicator that you'll be able to enjoy their delicious lunch burrito collection that's nearly as expansive as it is delicious in two locations. Raider Burrito has nearly 30 different kinds of burritos, all for under five dollars.

They also serve tacos, gorditas, nachos and chile rellenos for good measure.

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The fine folks at Raider Burrito really shine at breakfast though, with delicious salsa and a myriad of breakfast burrito options, including the standards like bacon, sausage and chorizo, along with ham and chicharron.

This area of town is tough to sustain businesses in, but there have been some great restaurants in the area over the years. One of my favorites was The Native Texan, which was in the neighboring building to the future Raider Burrito #2. The Burger House was also legendary around the corner across from Adventure Park back when it was the humble Putt-Putt.

There was also the Koffee Kup across the street, and a legendary bowling alley down the road which is now a bank. I think it was Classic Lanes. I don't remember, but they had $1 bowling nights on Wednesdays and that was pretty epic.

Of course, Ooh La Lattes is still kicking in the area, serving up some of the best coffee in Lubbock, which is totally why I go there. The coffee is legit.

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