Fact: everybody who isn't a monster loves the smell of pizza. But that doesn't mean that Pizza Hut should be making a pizza-scented perfume. Especially because their pizza is exempt from the "everybody loves the smell of pizza" clause. But they're doing it anyway.

It started (and should have ended) as a joke, when Pizza Hut Canada's Facebook page posed a humorous question to fans about what a perfume that smelled like a freshly opened box of pizza should be named.

Responses included "Grease Lightning" and "peperōne." The post proved to be so popular -- pushing Pizza Hut Canada over the 100,000 Facebook fan mark -- that Pizza Hut is making the scent for real.

The first 100 fans who direct messaged Pizza Hut Canada will soon receive a limited edition bottle of what is simply called Pizza Hut Perfume. There are no plans to make more in the future.

Of course you if you missed out on Pizza Hut Perfume you can achieve the desired aroma the old fashion way -- by soaking the grease off your slices with napkins and then using them as dryer sheets.

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