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One of Lubbock's favorite boba shops, Pearl Tea, has officially closed their doors for good. The shop had their last day serving delicious drinks yesterday, June 19th, 2022.

Although the shop officially closed its location on 26th and Boston, they aren’t gone forever. The owners of Perl Tea also own West Straws, an equally amazing boba shop located across from Texas Tech University on 19th Street. So despite the beloved location closing, the brand will simply merge with West Straws.

This means that you'll still be able to get all of your favorite drinks just at a different location. I've been a big fan of West Straws since I was a student at Texas Tech and it's a great little shop. They have a large drink menu that includes tea, coffee, slushies and more. Along with the drinks, they also serve a variety of yummy macaroons that pair perfectly with their tea.

Some of my favorite drinks on their menu include the Royal Milk Tea, the Doppelganger and the Peach Green Tea. Of course, you can’t forget the delightfully chewy tapioca pearls or sweet and fruity jellies that really make their drinks pop.

The interior of the shop is also very cozy with comfy couches and a few tables where you can sit and enjoy your drink, study or socialize. If you're looking for a new hang out spot or were a regular at Pearl Tea, then you have to check out West Straws.

For more information and updates about the merger, keep an eye on the Pearl Tea and West Straws Instagram pages.

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