It doesn't take a particularly observant person to notice that Lubbock is growing and that business is booming.

Lubbock is seeing many new businesses open, many of which have that "big city" feel. Staying current with trends in larger cities, we've seen boutique fitness centers, posh bakeries and themed chain restaurants.

Now it's Lubbock's turn for a huge influx of healthy quick service food options with the openings of Mojo Bowl, freshii and Panera Bread, all either late summer or early this fall.

Mojo Bowl is set to open later this month (August 2016) near the Texas Tech campus on University and 10th Street. From what I can tell, Mojo Bowl started its life as a food truck, but will now be a brick-and-mortar business offering scrumptious looking fruit bowls and smoothies that are gluten and dairy-free.

While freshii, originally from Canada, will serve affordable and healthy burritos, wraps, salads and soups in Southwest Lubbock starting as soon as late summer.

Panera Bread is yet another addition to Lubbock's dynamic West End shopping center and should open in October -- just in time for locals to enjoy one of their delicious, healthful soups.

So why is healthy and quick-service such a huge trend? The answer, at least according to QSR Magazine, seems to be Millennials.

As a member of the generation that's even bigger than the Baby Boomers, it makes sense to me immediately. We work more hours, have less cash and would like to eat food that won't make us die. And as author Maggie Henessey aptly points out, we don't define healthy the same way our parents did. We aren't counting calories so much as we are focusing on quality, nutritious ingredients. We have specific dietary needs and preferences and want transparency on menus.

Needless to say, I'm excited that Lubbock is getting so many healthful options that I can actually afford.


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