It may not be the type of bar you wanted, but it might just be the bar you need. Seriously, put down the margarita. Exercise will make you feel better in the long term, I promise.

The boutique fitness trend is spreading all over the country, and CycleBar is bringing that concept to Lubbock.

CycleBar offers spinning classes in a theater-like environment, with fitness tracking, a state-of-the-art audio and DJ booth, video screens and special lighting. It also offers free towels, shoe rentals and other free amenities.

After reading up on CycleBar, the most immediately appealing feature to me is the pay per class model. I hate feeling pressured into memberships I might not use. Of course, with all these amenities it's easy to assume it might be quite pricey. However, from what I've read, the class price is much lower compared to similar boutique fitness venues. I'll be sure to check it out when they open.

CycleBar will be located in Southwest Lubbock at 7604 Milwaukee. You can follow them on Facebook for more information about their pending Grand Opening in July.


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