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The only way to prove you're a true Texan is by beating this Dr Pepper challenge.  

The challenge works by blind taste-testing Dr Pepper, along with all of its off-brand dupes, and figuring out which one is the real deal. TikToker @missmindy91 had her partner try the challenge, and it seems to be harder than it looks.

They lined up the cans and covered them so the taster couldn’t see the labels. He then went down the line, ranking the sodas from best to worst, and guessing which brand each one is. He did better than I would at correctly labeling each brand, but even he was surprised by his ranking in the end:


Texans love their Dr Pepper, so plenty of brands have tried to replicate the iconic 23 flavors in their concoctions. Some of the more well-known dupes include Pibb Xtra, Zevia’s Dr. Zevia, and Great Value's Dr Thunder.

For the most hardcore Dr Pepper fans out there, I think this is a great way to not only test your taste buds, but also see if you think the name brand tastes the best, or if it’s just that Dr Pepper label that gets you.

I definitely want to try this challenge out and see how well I do. I like Dr Pepper, but I'm not as familiar with some of its dupes. Even if I’m not able to label them correctly, maybe I’ll find a new brand that I prefer. Although I know plenty of Texas wouldn’t be caught dead drinking anything but name-brand Dr Pepper, at least you can find out if it truly is your favorite soda.

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