I’ve lived all around the United States, from the east coast to the west coast, and I’ve never seen a bigger following for a specific soda brand until moving to Texas. Texans are serious about their love for Dr Pepper, and they strongly believe it is the best soda out there. You’ll see a similar passion surrounding Cheer Wine in North Carolina, and Diet Coke among Gen X mothers.

I recently came across a TikTok that would have made these Dr Pepper-loving Texan’s day if they were there to witness it. A trucker and TikToker posted a video showing the thousands of packs of Dr Pepper that they gave away for free because the place they were delivering them to didn’t accept their order. They were told to dispose of the load, so they decided to just give it all away to anyone that wanted some free soda.

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The trucker made a follow-up video explaining why the shipment was denied, leading to her giving away the drinks. Apparently, it was because they were worried about contamination due to the order not being properly sealed before shipping. Based on some comments left on the video, it isn’t uncommon to have shipments denied and the truckers are left to figure out how to get rid of a truckful of stuff. Most of them choose to donate the products, which I think is a great option.

I give props to the trucker that gave all the soda away like that. It seems like the word really spread fast because there were plenty of people showing up and grabbing a few cases to take home. I hate when businesses waste products, so I’m glad that the trucker gave the product away instead of just dumping it somewhere, and I’m sure all the people that got free Dr. Pepper were happy about it too.

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