It's time to pull together as a community of tattoo friends and fans. Annie Seifer Lawrence, an artist at Inkfluence, needs to have some medical procedures done. As in, expensive as hell medical procedures.

This is from her GoFundMe page:

Her family is trying to raise donations for her because she's been diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells that are or could be cancerous. She's an independent contractor, a tattoo artist. She's a wonderful wife, mother, sister, friend, artist and all around an amazing person. She's having her operation at the UMC hospital which requires a $3,500usd deposit, and her clinic is requiring a $500usd deposit just to schedule the procedure called a L.E.E.P. procedure. The surgery will cost almost$14,000usd when completed. She needs to have the $4100usd deposit by May 25th to have the surgery. Please help us raise money to save our sister! Any little bit will help! Thank you!

Annie has done some major work for me personally, and probably for many of you out there. If not for you, than someone you know has some of Annie's art on them. Tattoo artists don't usually have insurance, and even if she did these procedures cost a butt-load. So let's pull together as a community of skin art fans and help one of our own. Even $1 helps right now.

And if you want to see what kind of talent Annie has, maybe for your next piece, you can check out some of her work.

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