There a few new movies opening in theaters today. Disney has re-released Frozen as a sing a long. The animated movie is up against Zac Efron and his buddies who try to avoid commitment in "That Awkward Moment", and Kate Winslet falls in love with an escaped convict in "Labor Day" this weekend.

“Frozen” – Sing a Long (PG)

Originally released last year it was re-released this time with the words so the kids can sing-a-long. The animated movie is about two sisters who are princesses. The older one has the magical ability to freeze things, but she accidentally causes an eternal winter. So she locks herself away because she can’t control her power.

Zac Efron stars in this movie about three guys trying to avoid commitment, who end up getting sucked into relationships anyway and need to decided to commit or move on.

"Labor Day" (PG-13)

Kate Winslet plays a single mom who falls in love with Josh Brolin, an escaped convict who forces her to hide him in her home.

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