We've all heard of the Dr. Phil show. Many of us have watched it too. Well my brother Alex was actually on the show so I'm helping him to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Thankfully Alex wasn't on the Dr. Phil show because he's got a ton of emotional issues and Phil was dragging him through the mud for ratings. No Alex lives in Dallas where they shoot the show, and was on a segment about Robin McGraw's skin care line, Robin McGraw Revelation. So while he was only on the show for like 2 seconds, he was still on TV around the world and that's pretty cool.

Here's the video and at around 2:09 he's the young guy on the right in the pharmacy looking facility. Yeah he's like 15 years younger than me and a lot better looking. But I'm cool with that.

And Alex is from here in Lubbock too, and went to Texas Tech so there's that too.

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