This is the awful story of a woman who was so desperate to get on TV that she abused her own child to do it. The 36 year old "mother," and yes I'm using the quotation marks because she is a monster not a mother, Jessica Beagley from Anchorage, Alaska really wanted to get on the Dr. Phil show. Specifically an episode about angry moms, called "Mommy Confessions." So she did what every parent would do and video taped herself abusing her adopted five year old Russian son. He had apparently acted up in school so she forced him into a cold shower, which is perfectly understandable since all 5 year old's act perfectly in school their first year. From what I understand, the Dr. Phil show didn't think she was angry enough. With such lofty life goals as being on the Dr. Phil show, no rejection letter is enough to stop this mother of the year. She sent in another video of her making the same son gargle hot sauce for acting up! Watch the video if you can.

Now clearly this woman is a monster, and after the episode aired (yes she did make it on the show) Dr. Phil's viewers called the cops. She has since been convicted of child abuse and could get 10 years in prison. Not nearly enough if you ask me. But what's worse is if the producers of the show did tell her she wasn't angry enough, then they should be held responsible too! I feel that they essentially told her she needed to be worse to get on the show. So she did worse and got on the show. I personally feel that they should know that people who treat their kids this way would have no problem amping up the abuse to get on TV if that's their goal. Don't tell them that they aren't bad enough. That would just encourage them to go further. She should have all six of her kids taken away, and if she gets 10 years it just might happen. Here's the news story from ABC.

I have adopted twins, one of which has a mild form of Autism and can make him difficult to handle, but I would NEVER force him into a cold shower or force him to gargle hot sauce! I'm all for discipline, and there are many forms that it can take, but this is abuse. Spankings, time-outs, no tv, all of those are options, cold showers and hot sauce aren't.

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