War movies are a quintessential part of American cinema, and also a part of American culture. That sounds like a thesis for a really lengthy term paper but instead you can just take my word for it- these movies show the highest highs and lowest lows of humanity. It's compelling, and most people have a favorite war movie.

This one is mine:

Reviews.org recently compiled the favorite 'true' was movie of every state. 'True' meaning that it has verified ties to real people, although with any movie adaptation of anything, certainly some things are changed for time or narrative construction.

What is Texas favorite war film, at least as Google analytics are concerned? 2017's Thank You For Your Service a film that tackles the very real problem of soldiers returning home with PTSD- a brain injury (yes it is an injury, it literally injures structures in the brain) caused by exposure to shocking, dangerous or very traumatic events.

No matter what your favorite war movie is, please take some time to appreciate and feel gratitude to those who have experienced war first hand. If you would like to help our military men and women who are suffering from PTSD, please donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

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