At almost $1.5 million, you'd expect a fortress here in West Texas. While this Wolfforth home is nice, it's hardly what one might expect for the price.

The 5,400 square foot home, located at 9301 County Road 7100, is currently the priciest place up for sale in the city according to

The pros

  • 6 acre lot
  • Pool
  • 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath
  • Up to 350 adjoining acres also available (for additional fee)
  • Nice use of crown molding throughout home
  • Very nice plantation-style shutters for window treatments
  • Lovely side porch for outdoor entertaining

The cons

  • The pool is blah, bland and painfully average, with what appears to be very limited seating area. In fact, looking at the pictures, it appears to be butted up to the back of the house.
  • Grass in the back yard is patchy at best.
  • I'm no interior designer, but either the camera filter used on the pictures is horrible or the cabinets in the kitchen and utility room are gaudy as heck!
  • Kitchen center island granite doesn't match the surrounding kitchen counter space.
  • Large, cheap-looking tile through the kitchen and breakfast nook.
  • Cheap looking sink basins in the master bathroom. I think that clam shell design went out in 1985.

Also, why would someone have a $1.3 million home, then decorate the interior with nothing but cheap, fake plastic plants?

Frankly, my dollar could go a heck of a lot further than what is represented in this home.

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