Music lovers will be getting new music from a Cyrus this year, but it’s not Miley. Her big sis, Brandi Cyrus, will be releasing an EP under the moniker Frank + Derol.

The duo is comprised of Brandi and singer Codi Coraco (although it was originally set up as a trio with ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ star Megan Park), who met as touring musicians. They began writing songs together on the road, inspired by their idols, and finally found their unique sound.

“We began making the music that we’d always wanted to make,” Codi says. Brandi adds, “The roughness of those tours, the two of us just playing acoustic — it made us grow up as artists, and our songs did too.”

The two-piece recently inked a deal with Interscope Records and are prepping for the unveiling of their debut EP this fall. On Monday (July 30), they premiered their first single, ‘Barely Love You Too’ (which we’re sure Miley is digging) online and the girls have also made it available as a free download on their website.

Frank + Derol’s EP will arrive in September, and a full-length is expected to drop in 2013.

Listen to ‘Barely Love You Too’ by Frank + Derol

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