Pink‘s video for ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ was a stunning visual, in which red wine and red paint presented a stark and deliberate contrast to the rest of the black and white shades in the clip. However, in a new behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot, Pink herself is a stunning visual in vivid color.

The feisty singer posted the shot to her Instagram account. It was taken during the ill-fated wedding scene. She dons head to toe black lace — even on her eyes. She grips her black lace parasol in her black leather-gloved hands (though we think they may be pleather, as Pink’s an open animal advocate) and gazes with model-like precision at the camera.

What we love most is Pink’s trademark hair color. Though her hot pink mane isn’t necessarily found in nature, it somehow looks nothing but natural on her. Seeing her much-missed hue juxtapositioned next to the black lace of her outfit, her flawless makeup and the bright green grass makes for a lovely shot.

If the rock star life gets a little old for the proud mama, we think some high fashion shoots may be a good occupation for her, too. How is she not a designer muse already? The girl can pull off anything!

Watch the Pink ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ Video

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