It was 10 years ago that the movie ‘Mean Girls’ exceeded expectations in the box office bringing in $129 million instead of the expected $17 million. But moreover, like Julian Kimble who wrote an article for back in April about the movie, I too believe that the movie ‘Mean Girls’ summarized a generation.

And it’s frustrating to see that the ‘mean girl’ teenagers of 2004 are now ‘mean women'.

Ladies – I’m going to go on a rant for just a minute and I hope you take a minute to read this.

FOR THE LOVE OF OTHER WOMEN we need to stop this ‘mean girl’ attitude!

More often than not, I have walked by a couple of snickering little gossip girls who all of a sudden stop talking and stare as I walk by only to start up another conversation after I have passed them by.  But the sad thing is, these little ‘mean girls’ are usually so self-absorbed that they do not realize that their loud, obnoxious, whiny voices carry and I can hear every hateful thing that comes out of their mouth.  Why would you want to do that?  I don’t understand the logic behind this.  Oh I know that my mama would tell me something like “oh Amy – it’s just because they’re jealous” – and that may or may not be true, I don’t care – because at the end of the day, it still stings just a little bit.  Don’t get me wrong – I have built up some pretty tough skin and usually brush it off – but there are some girls out there that can’t.

Women are supposed to be smarter and more compassionate.  We should spend more time building each other up rather than trying to break each other down.  Now – I’m not a raging feminist running around screaming ‘GIRL POWER’ and the like (not that there is anything wrong with that – it’s just that I’m not).  I’m just a girl that thinks it’s much more rewarding to give someone a compliment about what she’s wearing versus making fun of her.

I can tell you this – over the past month or so, I have actually received several compliments from other girls while out on the town.  Compliments on what I’m wearing, how I’ve fixed my hair and the way my make-up looks – and receiving those compliments went a hell of a lot further building up self-esteem than hearing the ‘damn baby – you lookin’ hot today’ from the random guy standing at the bar with his ‘bros’ just trying to get a piece of…well, you know.

So ladies – I challenge you – when you see that girl walking by you to get to the restroom, how about you try to find something about her to compliment her on instead of bad mouthing her behind her back about everything that is wrong with her…especially when she can HEAR YOU!

In other words – don’t be a ‘catty b****’ – you know you’re better than that.

Rant over – now please go be good to each other!

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