Lupe Fiasco has been one of the few rap veterans who's been critical of the trap sound. But here, he's embracing it with 'THOT 97,' which uses Atlanta rapper Que's 'OG Bobby Johnson' beat.

The Chicago MC doesn't flip the song into anything conscious (especially with a title that includes the word "thot") and instead opts for some braggadocio. Fiasco trades in fluidity for a flow that's more staccato and punctual as he slings lines like, "Turnt when I was 18, had to start attackin' when I was 25 / N---- had the 9 at 14, I had the stupid V when I was 29."

And on when his next album comes out: "'Tetsuo' season drop when it drop, n---- / I don’t even know the date." So yeah, the release date for 'Tetsuo and Youth' is still unknown.


Listen to Lupe Fiasco's 'THOT 97'

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