If the progress of the Kmart closing sale is any indication of what Lubbockites would loot in a zombie apocalypse, y'all have two major priorities:

1. Power tools for unique and flashy ways to eliminate the undead threat.

2. Makeup, so no one mistakes your tired, ragged self for a zombie. Better safe than catching a circular saw to the face.

Those two sections are nearly depleted and also a total mess.

Overall, it seems that since my first post about the Kmart closing sale three weeks ago, prices have only dropped an additional 5 percent, making the jewelry case still the highest discount at 75 percent. There's still actually quite a few items in the case.

However, those items, and I suspect many others in the store, seem as if they were over-priced to begin with. For example, I picked up a box of VO5 Hot Oil. Its "original price" was printed on a tag on the box that I never saw when Kmart was not closing, and all the shelf price markers have been removed. It was marked at $7.99 and that section of the store is 20 percent. A super quick google search said that the regular Walmart price was cheaper than the discounted Kmart price. Nice try, liquidators.

Basically, it's like any sale -- you have to walk in there with a sense of how much things are really worth. And patience usually pays off, except if you wanted any make-up or power tools, then it's slim pickins.

Check out the photos above to give you an idea of where the sales are at and the current condition of the store.

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