I don't think I ever once called it by its proper name -- "Showplace 6." It was always the dollar theater, even when it went up to $2 and $3. I may have called it "The Dollars Theater" at that point.

Showplace 6 was an amazing place for a multitude of reasons. It was a chance to catch second-run movies (that is, movies that had just stopped playing at the big theaters) at a crazy cheap price. Not only were the movies cheap, the concessions were, too. For around $5, I could see a movie and enjoy a large diet coke and a pickle (like a true Texan).

Courtesy Premiere Cinemas
Courtesy Premiere Cinemas

It goes without saying that many babysitters and young parents took their kiddos there and/or used Showplace 6 as a sitter. As my friend Lan put it:

My mom used this theater in lieu of a babysitter - oh wait, you wanted happy memories. I saw' Home Alone' there over 100 times.

It was also the only place in town that showed "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." That was always such a blast. The first time I ever saw "RHPS" in a theater was with my buddy Eric, who waited until the lobby was full of people to strip off his business suit down to way-too-tight Superman under-roos. "I feel like someone could use my help," he yelled. I laughed until my face ached. (BTW - Premiere Cinemas is hosting a special midnight showing of "RHPS" this year, complete with props.)

Many of you creeps (I say that with love) went to the midnight showings of "Faces of Death," like my friend Lissa who is now a professional mortician:

Showplace 6 was the first and only place I've ever seen 'Faces of Death'... and look at me now! Living that death life 24/7 as a mortician.

Of course, there was an occasional mishap, like the miscue that happened to my friend Noel:

We saw 'Adventures in Babysitting' there when I was a kid. The film stopped 3/4ths of the way through. Some dude in the back shouted, 'I want my dolla' back!' The whole theater laughed. Good times.

A lot of us basically grew up at Showplace 6, including my friend Zakk:

It was by far the best place in Lubbock for an awkward 13-year-old boy to get a kiss from a pretty girl in the late 90s.

Courtesy Premiere Cinemas
Courtesy Premiere Cinemas

And Lan again:

I remember seeing 'Gremlins' there. I was four and I remember keeping my legs up in my chair because I was afraid of Gremlins eating my feet. It was the first movie my parents took me to in the theater.

And my friend Elec, who had a close call:

I do remember when Channel 11 rented the Winchester out for a day before a pre-screening of 'Twister.' Blue skies when we went in, then halfway through the flick they came on the PA and told us to move our cars under the awning. We thought it was a joke, but sure enough, tornadoes on the ground in Lubbock, TX! This had to have been in early '96.

Sadly, things change and Showplace 6 closed, making room for Trinity Schools to take over the entire strip mall. Premiere Cinemas, the last owner, now has the huge, beautiful theater in the mall with full food service.

Showplace 6, we will never forget you. Or your $1 pickles.

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