As many of you are already aware, our Lubbock Kmart will soon be no more. According to reports, our Kmart will be no more before the end of 2016, and that the Little Caesars inside will close in less than a month.

I decided to go check out the sales so far this weekend and it was...apocalyptic. Lines wrapped around into the aisles in spite of about triple the normal cashiers woking. People had their carts full of several of the same item. And this is only the very beginning of the closing sales.

Is it still worth your time to go check out the sales? Depends on what you're looking for. (Let me add I'm going off of memory for these discounts, don't quote me to an employee or anything.)

Renee, Townsquare Media
Renee, Townsquare Media

Gold, gemstones and basically any of the jewelry they sell in cases is 70 percent off - by far the deepest discount on anything so far. Cosmetics are 20 percent off, which is great on some items that never go on sale. I bought some e.l.f. brushes and some styling scissors. I almost got some matte lipsticks too but then I remembered those type of things frequently go on sale for BOGO 50 percent at places like Ulta or Walgreens, which maths out to 25 percent off. I am a patient bargain hunting ninja, it is known.

If you want anything Halloween before Halloween actually happens, this is also your best bet. Costumes for kids were 25 percent off, housewares were 20-25 percent off and Halloween candy was 20% percent off. I bought a spider web tablecloth.

Apparel was 30 percent, which is a hell of a deal for men's Dickies.

I saw many, many people pile in tools, but they were only 10 percent off so far. Personally, I'd wait on an individual item to go on sale somewhere else unless I needed it right away. Same thing for the 20 percent off appliances. Groceries and cleaning supplies are only 10 percent off so far. To be fair, that's the general grocer markup over cost on those type of items so they are probably selling at-cost right now. Homewares were 20 percent off (things like baking sheets and towels), and toys were 30 percent.

So if you're willing to brave the Mad Max-like landscape, there are some great finds. I do think the best things will get picked over very quickly in spite of how large the store is. Happy hunting!

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