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Lawn Pros Lubbock has done it again, this time for Spooky Season.

Lubbock's favorite "Smiling Bush" (located at the corner of 58th Street and Indiana Avenue) is now dressed in his (her?) Halloween costume, Frankenstein's Monster, complete with pumpkins, spooky blow-up characters, and a breast cancer awareness ribbon.

'But the breast cancer ribbon is pink,' you're saying to yourself right now. Well, the heavily corporatized one is pink, and mainly focuses on survivors and prevention. This newer ribbon focuses on metastatic breast cancer, the only form that actually kills.

From Glamour:

The tricolor ribbon aims to make people aware of the need for more research for MBC, its green representing spring and the triumph of life over death, pink indicating that the cancer originated in the breast, and teal representing healing and spirituality.

Kelly Plasker always wrote an article every time the Smiling Bush got a makeover. Being herself, she went out of her way to get the inside scoop, make friends with Lawn Pros, and just report her story in the most phenomenal way possible.

Every time I pass by this bush now I cry because it reminds me of her so much. To be honest, I'm crying now. I miss my friend so deeply still. I'm not enjoying taking over her thing.


But you didn't come here for a sob story, and Kelly would put me on blast for being depressing, so I highly encourage you to enjoy Smiling Bush for what it is: a charming display of playfulness and fun right in the middle of our lovely city.

And it's our responsibility to live as Kelly lived: always wanting to know more, constantly making new friends, and just enjoying her hometown to the last drop. I love you so much, Kelly.

Smiling Bush Turns Into the Masked Rider

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