Wedding season is getting closer everyday, and if you're planning a ceremony- you know there's about a thousand details still left to iron out.

Luckily, Lubbock is home to many wonderful wedding related businesses- like our friends over at Bliss Bridal Wedding for gorgeous designer gowns.

Supporting local and supporting small business is a wonderful way to spread the love for your special day. Here are some great Etsy sellers located right here in Lubbock- everything from trendy signage to down right Victorian designs- Lubbock has you covered.


  • GreatLittleFavorCo

    GreatLittleFavorCo has a wide array of personalized favors to suit your style and to give your loved ones something to remember. I particularly love their Victorian style bridesmaid's jewelry box. They also carry everything from custom water bottle labels to laser etched flasks for your groomsmen.

    via GreatLittleFavorCo on Etsy
  • SnapStudioTX

    Make your wedding truly memorable- and truly modern- with a custom Snapchat filter from SnapStudioTX

    via SnapStudioTX on Etsy
  • LittleSomethingBlue

    Irreverent, fun templates for all you wedding stationary needs. These downloadable templates let you save a ton on invitation costs by printing them yourself.

    via LittleSomethingBlue on Etsy
  • Foiltations

    Elegant foil signage to reserve seats, or to spread your wedding hashtag letting you can find all your guests' photos later.

    via Foiltations on Etsy
  • LovesAndLetters

    I adore this custom return label stamp- it a lovely personal touch to add to all those invites.

    via LovesAndLetters on Etsy
  • EmilyMayneStudio

    Gorgeously rendered and custom wedding programs, monograms, invites and more. I am stunned by the elegance and artistry of these beautiful illustrations.

    via EmilyMayneStudio on Etsy


    If you're coming to MY wedding, I expect this lovely crossstiching as a gift. Peace among worlds!

    via TheHobbitsTreasure on Etsy