Skye has the sweetest and most soulful look on her face. It looks as if she's asking, 'Are you the one I've been waiting for?'

Skye is our awesome adoptable pet of the week. She's a three-year-old mixed breed girl who has been at the Lubbock Animal Shelter for too long -- 38 days. It's high time she started settling in with her new family.

The Lubbock Animal Adoption Center describes Skye as "friendly, playful, and affectionate." She does have a couple of special considerations, however. She was previously an outside dog and a bit of an escape artist. These things can easily be overcome with a little training and patience. My family dog was an outside dog for years, but as soon as he moved in with me, he adapted to inside manners almost immediately. And with any dog, you should have a tall and secure fence if you plan to leave them outside unsupervised.

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Interested in Skye? You can meet her at the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center (3323 SE Loop 289) Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Remember, when you adopt from the Lubbock Animal Shelter, your new best friend will be up-to-date on their shots, microchipped, and either be pre-spayed/neutered or come with a voucher to receive sterilization services for free.

Rescue animals are loyal, loving, and highly-rewarding. As mommy to my rescue animals, I can say confidently that they are my favorite thing about my whole day. Unconditional love and companionship are truly priceless.

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