So apparently, there is (well, spoiler alert -- was) an anime/manga character named Lubbock in an anime/manga called Akame ga Kill.

Here he is:

Lubbock doesn't seem to have anything to do with *our* Lubbock. He's not from Texas, and there's nothing about him that says "West Texas" at all. It is peculiar that his name is Lubbock though, because there is no Japanese word or a name like that. Did the creators throw a dart at a map?

Lubbock is a green-haired dude that fights with wire he obtained from the body of an S Class Danger Beast. He can use it as armor, to garrote people or even to inject into his enemies bodies to squeeze their internal organs. Still following me?

So here's the bad news: Lubbock dies a pretty intense death. Which is too bad, because he seemed like kind of a badass.

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