Dear Stripes,

You and I have had a thing going on for quite a long time. We've had so many 64-ounce Diet Dr Pepper refills together that my kidneys are probably pure gemstones now. I've bought countless corndogs and cheladas from you with my bestie V. It's an integral part of our friendship.

One time I even saw one of your employees tackle and take down a guy that was walking out with a stolen case of beer. The cashier just told the guy to scram after he recovered the beer and went right back to checking people out. That might be the most bad-ass thing I've ever seen in person.

And Laredo Taco Company is just a thing of beauty. I had it for lunch on my fiance and I's first Christmas together in my scary, tiny backhouse, and that is a sincerely beautiful memory for me.

But now we have a problem.

Many Stripes stores in Texas are selling commemorative Selena cups, in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Laredo, Midland-Odessa, and all the Rio Grande Valley, to benefit The Selena Foundation.

Excuse me, but Lubbock is not on that list. I even called the corporate office. We are not getting the cups. SHAME!

Now, we are by no means breaking up. What we have together is a great thing that's lasted many years. And yes, the cups would just be extra, I understand that. But I think you are seriously underestimating Lubbock's love of Selena by denying us our cups.

I'll just keep getting my DDP in my 64-ounce "bucket" then.

Love You Anyway,


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