The hateful racial slurs yelled by an upstate New York woman in front of her children is raising eyebrows and shedding new light on the harsh realities of race relations.

Janelle Ambrosia was recently caught on video in Cheektowaga, New York unleashing a flurry of hate speech on a black man sitting in a car outside of a strip mall, repeating the N-word and dropping the F-bomb several times.

Janelle claimed that the man scared her children, who she's heard saying in the video "also don't like black people." The man claims he simply started his vehicle near the children.

Warning, the video is EXTREMELY NSFW:

There's little remorse over her words on Janelle's Twitter page, where she's been posting racist tweets like the ones below:

Janelle Ambrosia Twitter

Janelle defended herself in an interview on WBLK in Buffalo, claiming she's not racist because she has "a black cousin." In the interview, she also expresses concerns about losing custody of her children because of the video.


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