Would you dare get a tattoo put on your body without seeing the design beforehand, or even while it's being done? If you're a major risk taker and are willing to bet with forever, the "hole in the wall tattoo" might be your thing.

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Tattoos Londoners For Free At His Event 'Whole Glory'
Scott Campbell, Getty Images

The idea was originated by artist Scott Campbell, a famous (and very expensive) tattooer turned New York artist.

Campbell has tattooed numerous celebrities and usually charges at least $1,000 per tattoo. His exposition "Whole Glory" wasn't a gimmick - it was an art instillation about blind trust. Every person who got a tattoo had to sign a waiver and was picked via a lottery system. No communication whatsoever happened before or during the tattoo.

Lubbock Tattoo Expo is planning a similar event, but instead of getting a free tattoo from a world-renown tattooer, it's $25 for an unnamed artist. The Facebook post states:

You'll have a chance to get a quater [sic] sized tattoo for $25 dollars BUT it's the artists choice of what you get haha so you won't know what it is but it'll def be awesome. It'll have an option of doing your arm or leg.

I will never make a judgment on what anyone as an adult decides to do with their body. You may get a really fun tattoo you love inexpensively and have a fun story to tell. Or you may draw back your arm with something vile, stupid or just poorly done.

Celebrity Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Tattoos Londoners For Free At His Event 'Whole Glory'
Getty Images

Again, this is forever, and as a lover of tattoos and a long-time collector of them, I simply respect and love the art of it too much to trivialize it in this way. But you do you. It's your arm or leg and part of getting a lot of tattoos usually involves getting one or two duds. I suppose I can't say too much. I've tattooed myself just to see what it feels like.

Worst case scenario, you go through it and hate it, and my buddy Byron will take it off for you...but it'll be more than $25.

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