Reading is such a simple activity, and yet, it teaches our kids so many things. Not only does it build a toddler’s vocabulary, but it also improves their listening skills, expands their knowledge of basic concepts, and stimulates their imaginations. The folks at the Science Spectrum always want to inspire learning opportunities and that is why they are offering an amazing program that gets kids excited about the language arts!

“‘We Read’ is a totally free program that does not require museum admission. This is a partnership with the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. Specifically, graduate students with the Speech Pathology department come on Friday mornings to do a preschool-geared reading time, games, and a craft activity,” James Nesmith, the Administrative Manager of the Science Spectrum stated.

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Best of all, there is no sign-up or registration required! All they ask is that you show up before the start of the session so as to not interrupt the story for other participants. Session times will be at 10:15 AM and 11:00 AM every Friday throughout the Fall season and they will last for approximately 30 minutes. More specifically, this fun program begins two weeks from today on September 16th and will run through December 2nd, with the exception of Black Friday (November 25th). 

There is a limit of 25 participants per session so make sure to get there early and then when you get done, grab a ticket to enjoy the many attractions that the museum has to offer! This is a great way to start off the weekend!

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