Times are hard for everyone right now, especially small business owners. Lubbock has seen many storefronts close over the past few months, and one liquor store in particular is unfortunately finding the same fate.

Hub City Liquor, Beer & Wine located at 6620 Milwaukee Ave, next to West Side Pizza is officially shutting their doors this weekend. They are offering a %15 off sale on all of the products in the store to try and clear out their stock before closing.

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I heard about this closure from the LBK Foodies Facebook Group, and many people are sad to see it go. While some people mentioned that they thought their products were over priced, others said it was well worth it for their quality customer service. Either way, I hate to see another Lubbock business go under.

Another great point made in the comments of the Foodies post is that many people only hear about or are reminded of businesses like this once they are closing. Let this be a reminder to always hype up any small businesses that you love so they can continue to thrive and stay open. Also, let this be a reminder to take the “we should check that place out” comments into reality by giving these small businesses a try.

Overall, I’m sad to see another shop close and I hope we all take this as a chance to get out and try some small businesses here in the Hub City that we haven’t tried before.

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